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The Transformation Of Mr. Outdoor lighting

Mr. Outdoor Lighting is a full service outdoor lighting installation company based in Charlotte NC. We provide a unique and custom lighting experience with each project we take on. From patio lighting, to second story home lighting installation, each project is a work of art. Check out our introduction video.

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Custom Patio Lights - LED & SOLAR

When it comes to installing and picking the right patio lights for your home, there are a lot of things to factor in. You can go solar for a lower cost lighting system, or have energy-efficient low consumption LED's that can be controlled, and have less maintenance. Unlike other patio lights installation companies in Charlotte, we have a team of professional outdoor lighting experts and artists that are passionate about making your patio a work of art. We use quality LED patio lights technology to ensure that your patio lights experience is bright, weather proof, and long lasting.

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Home Exterior Outdoor Lighting In Charlotte

Patio Lights that make an impact & impress.

There are many options for installing patio lights at your home. Whether you are looking for added security, to have a party, or just a decorative ambiance to enjoy, we create a work of art that will provide the perfect home patio lights dreamscape you are looking for. Our energy efficient LED bulbs and lighting system will allow for low cost patio lighting, while still having a bright illumination.

We have the ability to light any color, size, and build of home or patio. Each project is unique and efficient. If you have a specific request for a patio lighting design, we strive to provide the best customer service possible to meet all your needs. With a warranty for patio lights replacements, cleanings, and maintenance, we are certain you will love your new patio lights and dreamscape.

Path and Driveway Outdoor Lighting In Charlotte

different options for patio lights.

There are many looks, options, and lighting techniques you can use for patio lights. We provide almost any lighting system on the market today.

Party patio lights are a great way to add color, bright illumination, and motion to an event or backyard party. Using string lights, or recessed lighting in a patio or fireplace wall makes it blend in while giving a party feel.

Deck lights that are embedded into a wall or hung overhead can give a year round ambiance that is relaxing and peaceful to enjoy. If you are planning on having a lot of romantic dinners this may be the best option.

Pathway patio lights and in ground shrubbery lights allow you to illuminate every aspect of your patio and walkways for the ultimate lighting experience. Enjoy every aspect of your patio and yard with unlimited patio lighting options.

Deck & Patio Outdoor Lighting In Charlotte NC

Quality & Energy Efficient

When adding patio lights to your home, making sure your lights can stand the test of time is very important. Our patio lights are made out of several durable materials like brass and stainless steel to maintain durability even under harsh weather conditions.

Our energy efficient LED patio lights give you the luminosity you need while keeping the power bill low. We use state of the art lighting technology to make sure you maximize your patio lights use while saving the world. You no longer have to give up the enjoyable things in life.

Yard and Landscape Outdoor Lighting in Charlotte NC


Mr. Outdoor Lighting guarantees all products and workmanship for the life of your system.

Many outdoor LED lighting systems are sold as maintenance free. This is simply not true. Virtually anything you buy especially something you put outside needs some level of maintenance. Having a service plan is the only way to completely protect your investment. There is still cleaning, adjusting and core system checks that need to be performed. Our warranty covers your lighting system except for acts of God.

Examples of our work

Mr. Outdoor Lighting services many properties in and around the Charlotte NC area. From two story lighting to neighborhood illumination we have examples of them all. Check out our online gallery for more examples of our outdoor lighting masterpieces.

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testimonies to our work

We are excited that our clients love our work in Outdoor Lighting. Don't just take our word for it. Check out some of our testimonials.

Tara H.

I have used them for a couple years. Brian, the owner has always been very knowledgeable, courteous and dependable. He has always had great follow through and is very conscientious. I have never had to remind him of appointments. I certainly recommend his business!
March 2017

kim g.

I have been using their services for over three years and i give them two thumbs up!!
march 2017

amy l.

2 years later and still loving my outside paradise. He continues to periodically check for any issues standing behind his work. Wish he was local so I could use him for more jobs.
june 2018

Let's work together on an an amazing project.

If you are needing specialty in ground lighting, or a full lighting project covering your neighborhood we can do it all. Our artistic process and unique outdoor lighting allows the perfect solution.

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