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we are creative professionals for outdoor lighting in charlotte nc

When it comes to creating an outdoor lighting masterpiece, we are known around Charlotte for creating an outdoor lighting, patio lighting, landscape lighting, and tree lighting experience that will make your home or property stand out from the rest. If you are looking for a WOW factor that will impress and provide a unique artistic style at your home, give us a call.

Unlike other outdoor lighting companies in Charlotte, we have a team of professional outdoor lighting experts and artists that are passionate about making each project a work of art. We use quality LED light technology to ensure that your outdoor lighting experience is bright, weather proof, and long lasting.

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Home Exterior Outdoor Lighting In Charlotte

home exterior lighting in Charlotte NC

Multi-Story LED & Weatherproof Outdoor Lighting In Charlotte

There are many options for installing outdoor lighting at your home. Whether you are looking for added security, or to make your home stand out in your neighborhood, we create a work of art that will provide the perfect home dreamscape you are looking for. Our energy efficient LED bulbs and lighting system will allow for low cost outdoor lighting, while still having a bright illumination.

We have the ability to light any color, size, and build of home. Each project is unique and efficient. If you have a specific request for lighting design, we strive to provide the best customer service possible to meet all your needs. With a warranty for light replacement, cleaning, and maintenance, we are certain you will love your illuminated and secure home with our home exterior lighting system.

Path and Driveway Outdoor Lighting In Charlotte

Charlotte path & driveway outdoor lighting

Illuminate Your Driveway with our Power Saving LED Technology - Outdoor Lighting in Charlotte

Path & driveway outdoor lighting is very important at night to make sure your arrive to your home safely. Our energy efficient LED outdoor lighting system provide scheduled driveway & pathway lighting that will show a beautiful design, as well as a clear illuminated guide to your home.

Our one of a kind recessed curb lighting allows for a unique lighting style, without any worry of breaking, or running into your outdoor lights. Curb lighting is cemented or mounted into the side of your path or driveway, with a seamless lighting source.

Our standard LED outdoor lights provide wider coverage with a brass or metal finish that will provide security, and a beautiful lighting path. This option is more cost effective without loss of quality or lumens.

Our pathway warranty provides assurance that your driveway stays illuminated and maintained all year long.

Deck & Patio Outdoor Lighting In Charlotte NC

deck & patio lighting in CHarlotte

Add a Beautiful Lighting Masterpiece to your Outdoor Patio using Mr. Outdoor Lighting in Charlotte NC.

Enjoy spending time with friends and family with an illuminated patio or deck at any time of the night. From hidden lights, to tiki torches and fire pits. We truly design a masterpiece that will blow away anyone whom enjoys an at home night outdoors.

If you already have a patio with and older outdoor lighting system, we are more than happy to come assess your current setup and gather any ideas you have for your patio. We will carefully add our design to make sure your current lighting matches the ambiance of our new one. We can also remove and replace your old system.

Don't have a patio yet and want a new patio with lighting? We work with top rated landscape designers to provide the perfect patio setup meshed with our unique style of outdoor lighting to give you your dream patio or back yard amenities.

Yard and Landscape Outdoor Lighting in Charlotte NC

Charlotte yard & landscape outdoor lighting

Your Trees, Plants, & Shrubs Should Stand Out With Your Home. Landscape Outdoor Lighting in Charlotte is very popular.

Your yard is a representation of your home and neighborhood. Our unique outdoor lighting system, paired with our skilled landscape designers will make any yard and home a work of art for you to enjoy. Many of our landscape lighting projects homeowners have received great feedback from their neighbors, family, and friends regarding the style, look, and feel that their outdoor lighting brings.

Never have to worry about maintenance, ongoing cost, or amount of lights available. Our outdoor lighting systems allow for many lights using LED, energy efficient bulbs, for a low cost alternative to many of our competitors. Our extensive warranty's cover any maintenance and bulb replacements needed in the future, so you wont have to worry about malfunctioning lights or finding replacements. Just give us a call any time and we will come out and fix it!

Neighborhood & Commercial Outdoor Lighting In Charlotte

neighborhood & COMMERCIAL outdoor lighting in charlotte

Your Neighborhood is an extension of your home. Neighborhood Outdoor Lighting in Charlotte is a great way to show off your community.

Your neighborhood and entrance is a reflection of your community and how the homes in that area stand out. A neighborhood entrance can attract new homeowners and give existing homeowners a sense of pride and class when you have professional lighting installed. We work with neighborhoods all around the Charlotte area.

If you have a business that you want to stand out from the rest, our outdoor lighting system in Charlotte NC may be a good option. Have your customers see your location after hours to provoke curiosity and appeal.

Since we provide efficient LED bulbs, and use skilled and creative designers on each project, your entrance will be unique to your neighborhood.

Two Story Lighting In Charlotte NC

Two Story Lighting & Multi Level Home Lighting iN charlotte

Home Lighting Makes Your Home Stand out Among the Rest. High End Outdoor Lighting in Charlotte is our Specialty.

We are the only professional provider of two story lighting for homes in Charlotte NC. Two story lighting give your home extra lighting and curb appeal, that you can't find anywhere else.

Two story lighting gives your home a halo effect, and adds extra light in places you would not normally see to make your home stand out.

Feel secure with added outdoor lighting using bright but soft LED's. Give neighbors a showstopping outdoor lighting design.

Our Properties

Mr. Outdoor Lighting services many properties in and around the Charlotte NC area. From two story lighting to neighborhood illumination we have examples of them all. Check out our online gallery for more examples of our outdoor lighting masterpieces.

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LEarn more about our outdoor lighting in charlotte nc

Mr. Outdoor Lighting is a full service outdoor lighting installation company based in Charlotte NC. We provide a unique and custom lighting experience with each project we take on. From patio lighting, to second story home lighting installation, each project is a work of art. Check out our introduction video.

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We are excited that our clients love our work in Outdoor Lighting. Don't just take our word for it. Check out some of our testimonials.

Tara H.

I have used them for a couple years. Brian, the owner has always been very knowledgeable, courteous and dependable. He has always had great follow through and is very conscientious. I have never had to remind him of appointments. I certainly recommend his business!
March 2017

kim g.

I have been using their services for over three years and i give them two thumbs up!!
march 2017

amy l.

2 years later and still loving my outside paradise. He continues to periodically check for any issues standing behind his work. Wish he was local so I could use him for more jobs.
june 2018

Let's work together on an an amazing project.

If you are needing specialty in ground lighting, or a full lighting project covering your neighborhood we can do it all. Our artistic process and unique outdoor lighting allows the perfect solution.

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